Our Center

We are a social hub where individuals and families come together to uplift and empower each other and become a strong Muslim voice.

Husaynia strives to build an interfaith community where people of different backgrounds come together as one human race to discuss ideas while spreading harmony and peace.

Husaynia is situated in Snohomish County over 5.5 acres of land and 26000 sq ft barn. We have applied for the “Change of Land Use” from farm/ barn to a religious facility. The rezoning application is currently under review by The Snohomish County.


Our Board

Zahra Abidi – President

Zahra was born and raised in Pakistan. She received a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) from George Washington University, D.C. She began her career at The World Bank before moving to the private sector. Zahra firmly believes that Islamic centers should be open and welcoming, a source of inspiration and an educational resource for both Muslims and Non-Muslims.

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Dr Masood Zaidi V-President

Dr Masood Zaidi has a PhD from the University of Denver, CO. He has worked in the aerospace industry (Boeing and Northrop) for 35 years and as a teacher for almost 50 years. Dr Zaidi has been serving Islamic centers since his teen years.

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Ejaz Ali Khokar – Treasurer

Ejaz Ali has a Masters from the University of Punjab, in Geography. He has served 14 Years with Department of Statistics and Computer Science (Same as U.S Bureau of the Census)
and has 30 Years of experience with Small Busineses including Office management, Bookkeeping, Accounting and Planning.

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Riffat Hassan – Secretary

Riffat has 30 years of experience working as a Senior Bureaucrat and Diplomat for the Government of Pakistan where she prepared the custom 2003-2004 budget, served as Economic Counselor in France and Consulate General in Canada and worked as the Director of Pakistan-USA export facility.

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Syed Masroor Hussain – IT Coordinator

Syed was born in Pakistan and raised in Middle East. He has a degree in Computer Science and has been working at Microsoft for the past 13 Years. He has also been part of Microsoft TEALS program, teaching computer science in public schools for the past 5 Years.

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Masooma Zehra Social Media Coordinator

Masooma Zehra, a pharmacist by training, received her Pharm.D./ M.B.A. from Washington State University. She is passionate about serving the community and, with years of experience in customer service and leadership roles, she is determined to make Husaynia a leading Islamic Center in the Greater Seattle Area.