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August 9-22 Time 7:30 Weekdays/6:30 Weekends 15231 State St../ Snohomish Marsiya , Speech . Seenay Zani , Salat ul Maghribayn

Eid ul Adha/ Interfaith celebration

Husaynia Islamic Society of Seattle invites our elected officials, Snohomish County members and the interfaith community to join us in celebrating Eid ul Adha. Eid...

Eid e Meelad un Nabi – Unity Event

Celebrating the birthday of the Prophet Muhammad (SAWAW) on November 16, 2019 hosted by Husaynia Islamic Society of Seattle. Lesson from the event: those who...

Husaynia hosted a potluck

The Husayniah Society hosted a potluck to explain the vision and dispel myths about Islam. Husayniah Society wants the Snohomish mosque and interfaith center to...