Eid ul Adha/ Interfaith celebration

Husaynia Islamic Society of Seattle invites our elected officials, Snohomish County members and the interfaith community to join us in celebrating Eid ul Adha. Eid ul Adha (feast of the sacrifice) is one of the holiest commemorations in Islam and honors the willingness of Prophet Ibrahim (Abraham pbuh) to sacrifice his son, Prophet Ismail (Ishmael … Read more

Eid e Meelad un Nabi – Unity Event

Celebrating the birthday of the Prophet Muhammad (SAWAW) on November 16, 2019 hosted by Husaynia Islamic Society of Seattle. Lesson from the event: those who choose to stand on their feet, never kneel down before the oppressors.

Husaynia hosted a potluck

The Husayniah Society hosted a potluck to explain the vision and dispel myths about Islam. Husayniah Society wants the Snohomish mosque and interfaith center to be for everyone in town, not just Muslims. It’ll be a place where kids can hangout and do homework after school or where neighbors can get together to exchange ideas … Read more

2018 Year in Review

A quick glance at 2018 Husaynia Society-2018 at a glance →

Inter-faith conference

Finding Common Ground – Mary and Jesus in Qur’an Husayniah Islamic Society of Seattle sponsored Inter-faith conference on December 21, 2018   Visit our Facebook page for the complete picture gallery →